Hello! Today I will come back live. Honestly, there Is a lot of gaming I need to do. It’s overwhelming how much time these games take these days. Yet gamer’s still say that a lot of these games are short. I mean look I’m a stay at home dad, I go to school at home, do some odd end jobs at home and I still don’t have time to complete all these games.

Lego Batman 2 which was started on the stream, Sunday and played most of the day me and my son only got to around Level 4 or 5. There are 12 levels in the game! WTF thats a lot of work! Me and my son will continue to try to progress though this game this week but there’s also Spec Ops that needs to be played.

Yes Spec Ops:The Line! Which is out today but will not be played on ADG till probably Wednesday or Thursday due to me gameflying it. Good News is that its only 44.99 for me to keep it!

In summary , I want to say this is just two of the games that I said I want to play. I promised some WWE 12 Online, there’s the usually AWE work, and games I bought such as Uncharted Drakes Fortune, Dead Rising, Lost Planet Extreme Condition, Ghost Recon Advance Warfighter, Ghost Recon Future Soldier, Street Fighter X Tekken, Red Dead Undead Nightmare, Resident Evil Operation Racoon City DLC, God Of War Origins Collection & More that I want to complete.

It seems like I’ll never catch up on my gaming to spend hours on end with online gaming like a lot of gamers do. To be honest though, in my opinion that’s not what gaming is all about.

I’ll see you guys online for whatever I have the notion to play. Also today is Weekly Release be there!