Assassins Creed III

Company Of Heroes 2 is looking to be something very special for THQ on PC. THQ Announced today that Company Of Heroes 2 brings a Cold Front to PC gaming. What does this mean? THQ is giving us the Innovative ColdTech system.  This feature will feature innovative weather condition technology never seen in the strategy game genre.

This engine is present thanks to Relic Entertainment’s new Essence Engine 3.0 and its ColdTech System. This feature will play a huge role in the field. Just like most wars in history the environment plays a crucial role. I’m wondering how deep it will get cause some armed forces are more adapt in certain environments than armed forces of other nations.
Quin Duffy, Game Director at Relic Entertainment had this to say,

“Company of Heroes 2 is all about authenticity and no game based on the Eastern Front would be complete without extreme weather conditions. Thanks to the enhanced technology offered by the new Essence Engine we are able to accurately portray the bitter Soviet winter which crippled the German army.”

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