LOS ANGELES, CA., February 22, 2018 – Rekindle those old flames and check out the new Hakuoki™: Edo Blossoms Gameplay Trailer explaining the brand new Corruption feature, which allows the player to offer blood, manage the warrior’s symptoms with medicine, or force the warrior to endure their agony. The higher the level of Corruption, the more their condition worsens. Remember, the Corruption system affects the ending with the character you choose, so make sure you choose wisely!

Hakuoki Edo Blossoms

We also have new screenshots for Hakuoki™: Edo Blossoms showcasing two characters – The amiable Heisuke Toudou, and the skillful ninja, Susumu Yamazaki.

Hakuoki Batch 5 (1)

This romantic visual novel will be available for the PlayStation®Vita system in both digital and a physical formats on March 13/16 (NA/EU) and is compatible with the PlayStation®TV. Each physical copy (NA & PAL versions) of the game also features a reversible cover sleeve with gorgeous artwork on the back side.

Hakuoki Batch 5 (2)Hakuoki Batch 5 (3)Hakuoki Batch 5 (4)Hakuoki Batch 5 (5)Hakuoki Batch 5 (6)Hakuoki Batch 5 (7)

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