Welcome to this first edition of My Two Cents where basically I give my opinion on games.

Well as announced at Gamescom EA will be going to try to bring back the greatness of Army Of Two. I have to say was it ever just amazing. I don’t think it ever was. The first two games Army Of Two & Army Of Two: The 40th Day was good for Co-op especially locally with a guest. It provided pretty good storylines. In The 40th Day, you have a chance to make decision that overall changed the game where in the first game there’s was only an alternative ending to only those that downloaded the Veteran Map Pack. Also customization of character and guns are a very important piece of the puzzle.

So , where do my complaints come in with Army Of Two? Well during gameplay a lot of time the hit and collisions of characters and the environment don’t work to well. I feel that they need to make sure the gameplay isn’t as chunky as irritating as it has been in the past. In the last game, I enjoyed some of the online but make rank more memorable and more important to players and they might keep coming back for more instead of trading so soon. Maybe you guys can then benefit more from DLC.

Army Of Two: The Devil Cartel looks sweet and I can’t wait to show you guys more of the games up until release. I will probably end up playing or purchasing it since I am a fan of the series. I just feel this game could have so much more and if they intend on making it the blockbuster that the series deserves they should listen to fans like us.