Shawn Micheals And DX Take To Austin In Attitude Mode!

Well WWE 13 has been releasing tons of info and I decided its time I gave my two cents so far on what we know about the game.

I will start with the game modes. The game modes we can always expect in recent years of Universe Modes, Highlight Reel, & Creation Modes will be returning. The modes that are improved include Universe Mode 3.0. THQ promises more choices and more control than ever before. They will be starting this off by implementing more choices to create scenarios & events. I’m a big fan of universe mode. In WWE 12, I played it more than anything so to see it return even better is worth a purchase already.

When it comes to new modes in WWE 13 it doesn’t get any bigger than revisiting the most incredible era in sports entertainment today, The Attitude Era.In WWE 13 , players will revisit this era in an incredible jam-packed story mode that will feature Attitude greats such as The Undertaker, Mick Foley, Stone Cold Steve Austin, The Rock, Lita, DX and more. The story will also include some of the WCW invasion, tons of unlockable videos and items, and more.

Wii Love Screenshots For WWE 13

After talking about the Attitude Era, you start wondering about the presentation. Well THQ has turned up the volume with new WWE Live presentation. Not only will the game feature two announce teams, JR & King for the Attitude Era and King & Cole for present years but improved live audio that was took straight from live tapings. THQ promises that we will feel more like we are watching the actual program. This include more realistic chants, crowd roads, and play by-play taking straight from WWE live tapings.

Gameplay wise THQ still has the predator technology as the game’s engine. They promise that with Predator 2.0 more smoother more realistic gameplay than last years game. I have seen the footage and I can tell you it looks rather sweet. THQ boasts about their also being less hit and collision issues.

The Roster is bigger, badder, and better than last year’s which ironically declared the same thing. This remains true offering players superstars from the Attitude Era and current. If you wondering about WCW there’s a few stars in the game but it’s not the main focus in the roster of this years title.

THQ spoke on a few other surprises and things to come in this years game. Special Referee was teased for some time. We will learn more about it in the future as well as the other game modes.

Oh My God!

My two cents about this game is simply wow! I can’t wait. I just hope Backstage Brawl is more fluent and allows more moves and better interaction with the environment. The gameplay seemed a little chunky at times in some of the gameplay videos but hopefully it really isn’t that way when it’s in your hands. If AI is still getting improvements, Story Designer gets more cut scenes that are useful. I’m pretty much a happy camper with WWE 13.Are you guys happy with WWE 13 so far..speak your two cents below and let us know why or why not!

Enjoy the screens and thanks for reading!