It’s no doubt that Kratos is one of the baddest kick *** guys on the planet of gaming. Who else has stared into the eyes of gods and struck them down like it was no task? Kratos has took down the original God Of War Ares, his father Zeus, and numerous other gods.  He has took out titans and other godly beasts as well.


Through everything Kratos has done, I don’t know which is the most epic. One thing is for sure, Kratos is an icon with a lot of epic moments. PlayStation Blog has let the fans vote too find out the the top 5 epic moments voted by fans on Faceb
ook and here they are…

God of War’s Most Epic Moments Ever
  1. The Death of Ares
  2. Kratos vs. Hercules
  3. The Brutal Death of Poseidon
  4. Brothers in Arms
  5. Destroying Zeus and Cronos