Monday night madness. Today we have basketball wives L.A. and bad girls club Mexico. Tonight’s the BGC finally I ready to see how theses chick act when the former house mates come back. I wonder if Rima’s gonna pop off like she has been when Erica comes back? HHHMMM. I’m ready for the reunion show. I wonder how the others girls ( Rima and Erica especially) are going to feel when they see that Falen and especially Julie was playing them like puppets? I hate to admit it but Julie pretty much ran that house. She would put an idea in someone head and they would run with it. Kinda like Leonardo De Caprio did with his wife on Inception.


Now for the Basketball wives. I like Jackie but I think she has some real mental health issues. Why did she start crying about missing her mom while at Bambi’s performance? I can understand her crying about missing her mother but why at the performance of all places? Did you and your mom go to night clubs together? I’m just wondering. If Laura does not really like her why does she act like she’s her friend? I mean if you don’t really like someone why act like you do? Yes Laura talks crap to Jackie but it seems like she’s sort of playing with her when she’s talking trash to her. Maybe, that’s just the relationship they have.I don’t know these people (but they are my friends in my head ); I could be completely wrong seeing how I don’t know them.

I do realize that we only get to see what the producers put on television. So, my opinion on them is one sided. However, I would love to spend time with them to see if my thoughts are correct. In my favorite words, “I know I’m not for everybody and everybody isn’t for me. Do you boo”