*The Following Has Been Source Quoted From Gramble With Permission*

Gramble Calls Out to Players and Developers with New Videos
Gramble has good news for developers looking to replace OpenFeint or just add social interaction to their game, as well as videos laying out all the advantages of playing and developing with Gramble
Progressive new social-gaming network Gramble, which combines fun with good causes by making charity a painless part of players’ daily lives, has released a new video showing developers how they can make a positive impact on the world while enjoying the most favorable benefits on the market, just by making games as they normally would.

Their timing is impeccable, as many game developers are still reeling from GREE’s announcement last week that it would be shutting down the OpenFeint platform. At this key moment, Gramble offers a new solution for incorporating social interactivity – and for a good cause, to boot.

Developing with Gramble (watch the video):

Gramble offers developers an ideal balance of independence and interactivity. Gramble’s developer partners retain 100% of rights and creative control of their IP, as well as all of their own in-game advertising revenue. Meanwhile, Gramble’s completely free, feature-rich SDKs provides a plethora of quality social functionality out-of-the-box, allowing developers to fully concentrate on what matters most: building great games.

Gramble’s social layer, much like the dearly departed OpenFeint, allows players to challenge and interact with friends, share achievements, see where they rank on leaderboards, etc. However, Gramble offers innovative new social possibilities as well, like cloud gaming (where players can access their saved games right where they left off no matter what web device they’re using) and the ability to chat with friends on the network no matter where they are or what they’re doing.

Developers will also receive their own community page on the network from which they can build their fan base by interacting with our player community. Developers can even plug in their existing blogs and RSS feeds to effortlessly share the content they’re already creating. Also, as Gramblers can star and track their favorite developers, everybody from triple-A studios to independent bedroom coders has the potential to become a do-good star on the Gramble network.

Developers already on board with Gramble include: ChangYou (Zentia, Shadowbane), Paladin Studios (Momonga, Jimmy Pataya), InLogic (Castle Defender, Magic Heroes), and Arkadium (Mahjong Dark Dimensions).

Developers can request a Gramble SDK here: http://developers.gramble.com/

Playing with Gramble

Potential players can also enjoy a new Gramble video targeted to them, allowing them to preview the Gramble player experience and its many benefits. Although the site won’t launch officially until later this year, players eager to get their paws on the network can sign up to be beta testers. To participate, simply visit Gramble.com and claim your GrambleTag (before someone else does!) and then keep an eye on your inbox for news. Beta testers will receive invites to pass out to their favorite friends, as well as the exclusive “I Was There” achievement. Those who sign up are encouraged to share the news on Twitter using #IWASTHERE.

Players can register their GrambleTag at: http://developers.gramble.com/