I’m back to my game antics, again. This time with Warlords courtesy of Atari. The game is available on Xbox Live Arcade and PlayStation Network. This video was done with the PS3 version of the game. Join me as always, having fun and a few laughs with Atari’s Warlords. Check out the video and the features below. I will have the full review up hopefully by the end of the week.

A multiplayer, arcade-action game, Warlords pits players against up to three opponents, human or computer-controlled, in a struggle to defend their castle walls and eliminate rivals to be the last warlord standing. Players use a magic shield to block fireballs shot at their walls, aiming to deflect the fiery missiles at their enemies’ strongholds. Warlords will need quick reflexes to defend themselves, but that’s not all;Warlords also challenges gamers’ strategic skills, as they command groups of minions that battle against other troops to attack enemy walls or capture control points and power-ups.


  • Fast-paced action: Use quick thinking and reflexes to defend your walls and demolish the castles of your enemies. Outlast them all to become the ultimatewarlord!
  • Protect the stronghold:  Rotate a mighty shield around the perimeter of your stronghold, deflecting fireballs away from your castle walls and at your opponents!
  • Command minions:  Send your loyal posse of Snoots to capture control points, gather power-ups, attack enemies, and bolster your own defenses.
  • Arcade-style multiplayer: Select a faction and engage in co-op siege mode, 2v2, or classic free-for-all battles for up to four human or computer-controlled players.