As promised, exclusive coverage and game-play from the WWE 13 Superstar Pack which I like to call the Feed Me More Add-On Pack. There are tons of new stars and divas from the crazy AJ Lee to the dominating Ryback. I hope my review provides you with enough information to possible consider not just this pack but buying Fan Axxess as well.

For details on the contents of the WWE Superstar Pack and an exclusive video with WWE Games and Ryback see my previous article:


WWE 13 Superstars Pack is a very warm welcome to the game. Although some of these Superstars would seem to an outsider a no-brainer to be in the game to deal with. What fans need to know is that there is a cutoff date when THQ decides the main roster. A few superstars after that go into the DLC content and some never make it in to the next edition.

Ryback , Lord Tensai, and AJ Lee are pretty much in the eye of the WWE Universe every week. These guys are some of the new top missing superstars from WWE 13. All these characters seem to have a very precise moveset, not only for their signatures and finisher but for their basic moves as well. Victory celebrations are well in place not only for the paid DLC but even the free DLC add-on “Ministry” Undertaker.

Included in this pack is also several great championships. There is a total of 10 to be exact. The most recognizable of these is John Cena’s US Championship. It was disappointing to see that it really didn’t spin but its still good to have it in the game. Theres so many championships now you could probably put a championship on everyone in the game almost. WCW and ECW fans looking to do storylines or universe game-play for WCW or ECW will be graced with all their championships including their tag team championships. You will be able to use the base of these titles for Custom Championships as well.

Overall, THQ did a fine job with this DLC and its very well worth the purchase.

AJ vs Natalya DLC Gameplay & How To Find Your Diva DLC

I took the liberty of not only providing you guys with game-play  I also explained a few issues that I knew some people had about the DLC such as where to find the divas of the DLC and what are the new championships included in the DLC. You can also read up on the championships in the previous article I mentioned above.

I hope you enjoy watching these videos as much as I did playing and making them. PEACE!

Superstar Pack Championships & Lord Tensai vs Cena DLC Gameplay

Ryback vs Drew McIntyre DLC Gameplay

Yoshi Tatsu vs Grandmaster Sexay DLC Gameplay

Natalya vs Alicia Fox DLC Gameplay

Tensai vs Goldust DLC Gameplay

Drew McIntyre vs Val Venis DLC Gameplay

Ministry Undertaker vs DDP DLC Gameplay