It’s the rumor of this gaming decade. The one that till this day hasn’t gone away and frankly is driving me nuts, “The PlayStation 3 sucks!” Why I do agree that Sony made a lot of errors that you always hear in the argument about the PlayStation 3. From the PS3’s launch lineup, multi-platform game woes, the lack of achievements in beginning, no cross game voice chat and more.

The fact that they are so many people out their hating on the PlayStation 3 despite the fact that it delivers a unprecedented, original, ground-breaking score shows that gamers have lost track of what matters the most games.

The only arguement that I think truely matters, when it comes to if Sony has failed, is if they are completely failing at providing equal multiplatform ports to the 360. While this is very true in the early cycle of the system and I’ll probably never buy a Call Of Duty game on the PS3 again cause of the hacking issues with Modern Warfare 2 and having a Xbox 360 now; the days of multplatform fails are a distant memory and almost non-existant now.

Playstation 3 has even managed to pull in some multiplatform exclusives of their own that X-Box fanboys will quickly try to deny as they only see what Microsoft does. The “X-Bots” should stop denying it. Right at this moment, Playstation 3 Battlefield 3 owners who purchased Battlefield 3 Premium are enjoying the new DLC, Aftermath, before 360 and PC players. Assassin Creed 3 being blessed with over 60 minutes of DLC content, Street Fighter X Tekken with more exclusive fighters that included Cole McGrath, one of PS3 heroes, and more have graced PS3 exclusiveness in more than a timely matter. Yet, all the “X-Bots” want you to hear is when Microsoft gets something. Sony Get’s Exclusive Content Too!

Uncharted 3 Hits Big And Subway Wants In!

PlayStation 3 has also been hit with rumors that their exclusive titles aren’t really worth playing. Well, I will say thats the biggest load of crap this generation. Killzone Series, Heavenly Sword, Little Big Planet Series, MAG, God Of War 3, Twisted Metal, Resistance Series, Ratchet & Clank Series, Heavy Rain, Infamous, Metal Gear Solid 4 (which has recently been announced once again exclusive with the anniversary edition), Ninja Gaiden Sigma series, and even Socom 4, which by the way wasn’t as bad as gamers would like you to believe. The only games that I would call a fail are the likes of Haze and maybe Ridge Racer. In my opinion, a lot of gamers are just pushing the games off to the side with a sly remarks and not mentioning them hoping they will go away. Some just don’t recognize them cause the game isn’t what they believe it should be instead of what the game actually delivers right or just cause they don’ t wan’t their friends to buy a game they are not going to play. All in all, the feature set of exclusive and original content is a powerhouse on PlayStation 3. So after looking at that how can you say PlayStation 3 sucks? Unless, you are in denial.

PlayStation 3 gets hit hard when it comes to it’s online setup and its XMB Media Bar. I agree it is a little old and boring and maybe not the eye candy you see on the 360. Playstation 3 XMB also has some interesting animated Dynamic Themes that do look pretty good though. Overall, the XMB allows you to connect online, play media, games, talk and text your friends, buy content, and give you entertainment.

Little Big Planet Dynamic Theme One Of The First In History

I know you thinking, “What about cross game chat? I can’t play PS3 cause I can’t sit in a chat room with my friends all day talking about what we should play.” There still is voice chat on PS3. It’s just that moment where players will have to split up until you load up your game and send out invites again before actually chatting with them again. It’s not even a necessity.

Don’t even let me get on the over exaggeration on achievements and how they are supposedly so much better than PS3’s trophies. X-Bots will make it seem as if doing something on XBox 360 means so much more than doing it on PlayStation 3 , even when its the same task. At least, PlayStation 3 gives you a bonus for completing the entire set of achievements in a game. Once again, this shouldn’t be considered something that determines a console’s faith.

In the end, I don’t feel the way a navigating system looks, achievements and trophies, dashboards, blu-ray disks, and all these features really matter. While we live in a society that wants devices that do it all, such as give you internet access, or in someone’s dream cook them dinner, lunch or breakfast these don’t matter when it comes to surviving in the gaming industry. Sony doesn’t even have to beat Microsoft, or anyone in the gaming industry for that matter. We all want to warrant our purchases and feel what we have are the greatest most precious things. Should we completely knock the PlayStation 3 cause you went Wii U, PC, or X-Box 360? I think we shouldn’t. In the end ,what matters is that Sony has a large enough community warranting their next adventure and trust me they do. So saying childish comments of jealousy, envy, or whatever will never break Sony’s career or any gaming company for that matter. PlayStation 3 may not be your console of choice, or in the lead, but trust me the console is a worthy purchase. In final, I must say “PlayStation 3 Doesn’t Suck!

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Update 12/2/2012 at 8:15 PM EST! This article is not a troll. It is not made just for views. It was made by a gamer who loves games and respects Sony and the gaming industry. It was written by someone who has dealt with being smashed by the very mentioning of Sony or PS3 or X-Box Live or Steam. It is my right of freedom of speech and having a platform to stand up for what I believe in and what I love. It is journalism. Journalism is the right to speak on matters that you feel dear to heart while also informing. This is another attempt to open the eyes of people that are stuck on a console or over exaggerate the flaws of a product to say it sucks or it is completely worthless. To say no one said it sucks is to say you walked in my shoes for least a day and know what I hear or experienced. I just want it to be known I am a college student, a gamer, and someone who has faced health scares and financial woes. I am real, I am the exception, I am me, I am Antony Anthony Dows also known as AntDaGamer and I love video games and the video game industry.