A lot of great titles are released on download for consoles these days and sometimes those games never make it to PC. Minority Media just released the PSN title Papo & Yo. This game is very adventurous and different from most games and thats in a good way. Check out the release info on the game below.

Following Is Source Quoted From A Minority Media/Triple Point PR Release

Minority Media, an independent game development studio, today announced that its acclaimed adventure game Papo & Yo is now available for PC through Steam, Amazon and other direct download platforms. Originally released in 2012 for PlayStation®Network, the game, which was inspired by creator Vander Caballero’s childhood, features a boy, Quico, journeying through a magical world to save his best friend Monster from a terrible danger: himself. Monster is addicted to poisonous frogs, and eating one causes him to fly into a fiery rage from which no one is safe. As Quico, players will confront their conflicting emotions about Monster’s problem in a deeply touching, emotional video game experience.

Starting today through April 28, Papo & Yo can be downloaded for PC for $13.50, a ten percent discount off of the game’s official price of $14.99. To purchase the new PC version from one of Minority’s publishing partners, please visit: http://www.weareminority.com/blog/save-10-percent-at-these-stores/. The new and enhanced PC version features improvements to the game’s graphics, controls, cinematics, and character animation, and adds Steam Big Picture Mode and multi-monitor support.

Papo & Yo is my personal, emotional story told through a video game,” said Vander Caballero, Minority Creative Director. “For so many years I wanted to make a game about my father, who was an alcoholic, but wasn’t sure if the industry was ready for something like this. When I eventually left EA, the help of the Canadian Media Fund, the Sony Pub Fund and the great team at Minority let me use my experience to start creating a magical world that would allow us to reach players emotionally, while they were exploring and solving puzzles. When Papo finally came out, the feedback we got made it clear that gamers want new types of experiences that go beyond killing the next enemy. Now we want to continue to bring fun games that evoke emotional experiences to as many people possible, starting today by sharing Papo with PC gamers!”

For more information about Papo & Yo and Minority, visit www.weareminority.com/ or connect with Minority on Twitter: @we_are_minority.