Snoop Dogg steps back into the line of video games with a rhythm based fighter. 505 Games and Echo Peak are looking to make a great downloadable game that the likes of Snoop Lion can be proud of. So here comes Way Of The Dogg but how does it stack up.

First when looking at the gameplay idea it seems like a game to look for. You load up the game and you are hit with a very interesting and compelling cinematic intro as you start the story. When you think about though, it’s Snoop Dogg aka Snoop Lion aka The DoggFather aka.. a pimp. He could hook you into anything even this game. In fact the story is quite interesting and you will keep playing because of that more than anything.

One problem that this game faces is the fact that you can’t enjoy the action on the screen a majority of the time because the events take a lot of timing and focus. The later stages of the game are so complex that you will mainly get passed them only by mere luck. Speaking of which sometimes if you just last the majority of the sequences without losing all your health then you will survive. I got through over the dock by crooked cop, Hollister only to survive because I still had health. Ironically, (Spoiler Incoming! )it would then give me the ending scene for that chapter in which I would toss Hollister over dock instead. Do you believe in Snoop Magic?

This leads me to another issue I have about the game and that is the multiplayer aspect. It would have been cool to be able to actual go up against each other gamers with characters in the game either locally or online but this game doesn’t offer that. All you are offered is the chance to play the same chapters with another player.  One player tries to complete the mission while the other tries to make you fail but even if you succeed in that it doesn’t mean you will win. At the end of the matchup, you are scored based on your performance and best score wins. While it’s ok, it’s still a let down.

The best thing about this game is the graphical style and being able to experience a great street story about a fighter named America Jones. Yes, America Jones is who you actually play as and not Snoop Dogg. If you want to play as Snoop you have to play multiplayer..if you have someone to play it with.  America Jones story is about a fighter whose’ love interest gets murdered at a very important fight. Things take a twist later on in the game when the plot turns into The Matrix with a very magical watch and Snoop Dogg or Lion..seems to be Morpheus. It actually works for me though and believe it or not it’s the best part about the game along with the characters.

Short And Simple…

Bottomline, G’s up but this game is going down as mediocre. There are some good points in the game but the ideas and lack of  good features make it lackluster. It can be fun but only for Snoop’s Home Dogg & Lions with an open mind set.