Some will look at this article and information and say it’s simple mathematics that this theory is being posted by me. It is also comes from someone I know from E3 which I can’t reveal who also is in good connection with 2K and WWE Games. No, I did not make it to E3 but this person did and in a conversation about the rumors of OMG Moments for Tag Teams being in the game The Shield was brought up in a manner that showed that WWE Games was working on getting them in the game. The Shield has been tearing it up on WWE programming for the past year and was at Wrestle-Mania and usually if you make it to Wrestle-Mania you make it in the game.

As far as Curtis Axel, I’m saying he will be in due to another statement behind the scenes that WWE Games is working hard to make sure all the current talent and past champions of the last year make it in the game. With that being said, Curtis Axel is a no-brainer at least to make it in as DLC. Check out my video and let me know what you guys think.