Your boi, ADG joins the many that have played and reviewed The Last Of Us but in Short And Simple style. This PS3 exclusive developed by Naughty Dog  joins the Horror Survival drama in big time fashion that also includes action elements. The game has currently made history by outselling box office current hit Man Of Steel in revenue. It is known for tens and near perfect scores around the globe but does ADG agree with this.

The story is definitely one of the best stories to date acting as a video game style , The Walking Dead where there is an outbreak and humans are being infected.  Abandoned cities are being reclaimed by nature and the remaining survivors are killing each other for food, weapons, supplies and more.  It’s the Hunters and the Fireflies add in the military and the infected and you got a lush world for rich story telling.  Joel, a ruthless survivor, and Ellie a teenage girl who is very important to the fireflies embark on a journey across the United States that you will not forget.

The multi-player also is set in the same aspect but now you pick a side in a battle that goes over several weeks for your factions survival. The game has even integrated your Facebook friends in the game. Sadly, if you don’t get enough supplies during your games they will die.  On the other hand , the better you take care of your Facebook clan the more will join your cause. The game’s menu will keep you up to date on what they are doing. You will here things from telling stories by fire, catching rabbits, or when they are sick and dying.

The game-play is not run and gun style. You can play that way but you will probably not do so well. The online mode has been named Factions where your pick from the Fireflies or the Hunters.  There are two modes, Supply Raid and Survivors. These game modes are very similar in a war of supplies. Supply Raid allows you to re-spawn (20 lives per team) while Survivors is not a generic deathmatch no re-spawns are available so don’t try to be Rambo. In fact i don’t suggest you go Rambo period in this game’s multi-player. I think fans of strategic multi-player such as Rainbow Six Vegas and Splinter Cell will love this.

The presentation and everything else is in the game is to die for. My only bad thing about this game is that I find some of the hit detection kind of weird sometimes in the multi-player. I’ve had noobs kill me so fast while I’ve had a hard time killing them..with shotguns or a shorty pistol. Also, apparently you can’t change your appearance to much or rename your loadout.

Short And Simple………

 Play It! The Scores Are True!

*Be on the lookout for my complete playthrough of The Last Of Us*