Samurai Shodown II is now exploding back on the gaming scene on Google Play, Android, and various iOS devices. This crazy game is basically an arcade classic and in my opinion a game that will last the test of time. Loaded with features this game is a treat for old fans or newcomers.

Check out the following features and screens.

iOS / Android Version Features :
◆ A Perfect NEOGEO port
A perfect port of this NEOGEO classic, adding new features for an even better experience! In addition to the original 4 button arcade experience, a 6 button layout and SP button allow you to easily pull off strong slashes and special moves by simply using the Touch Screen!

 Precise and customizable controls
Configure the size and position of the game buttons, and enjoy every pixel ofSAMURAI SHODOWN II with your very own custom controls!Moreover, you can place the buttons outside of the game screen area in “Window Mode”.

◆ Challenges friends to intense multiplayer matches via Bluetooth!
Challenge your friends via Bluetooth! Dual with your friends in a match through BluetoothMultiplayer Mode!

■ Release Date: June 27, 2013 (iPhone & Android)
■ Genre: 2D Weapon-based Versus Fighting
■ Requirements: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad (iOS 5.0 and later) & Android 2.3.3 and later
■ Rated: 15+
■ Price: $8.99
■ Marketplace: iOS App Store / Google Play

iOS App Store Download Link:
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Google Play Download Link:
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iPhone/Android Ver. SAMURAI SHODOWN II Official Website: ;

SAMURAI SHODOWN Official Website:

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