Ahh, I love great moments like this in Short and Simple Review when I get a chance to critique a game that represents something I truly love. This time up it’s Deadpool. Deadpool, Marvel’s anti-hero and sometimes hero, now has his own game. I seen this coming after all the great love Deadpool got in Ultimate Marvel Vs Capcom 3. Deadpool is no doubt a favorite of that game to play as. His on screen antics in that game captured gamers and fans hearts.

In High Moon’s game, Deadpool, that same over the top antics and love can be felt. Over the top humor that speaks not only to the narrator but to the players themselves. Deadpool will talk about your gaming skills, ask you if you have any hot chicks in your place and more. The presentation is over the top even though at times the graphics aren’t the best.

The gameplay of Deadpool is definitely not the best of the slasher, shooter, or any action of 3rd person genre. At first, just like the game’s storyline, Deadpool seems to move slow and sluggish with his skills. As you upgrade, the gameplay get’s more and more enjoyable. As a tip, I suggest you focus on DP point gain and weapon skills first and foremost for your gameplay pleasure.

High Moon’s Deadpool shines mostly for its story narrative and creativity.  This gives the game just enough fun and flare to keep gamers playing. Fans of Deadpool will get their money’s worth in this title cause it’s fun.

Short And Simple…

Despite the game’s few hardships, Deadpool comes through as a worthy purchase. Deadpool is….

A Deadpool Of Fun

Play It! 7.5/10

This review was done by gameplay of the PS3 Digital Version