Jump Force Boa Hancock Leak Screens (2)

Today during a conversation on Twitter between cosplayer, Vampy and Bandai Namco, Boa Hancock Jump Force info and screens were announced. Talk about a “hot way” to introduce a hot member to the Jump Force cast. Big up to Vampy for her beautiful portrayal of Boa Hancock and setting things in motion for this information. Another big up to Bandai Namco for noticing and giving us the goods. Below you can see the beautiful duo of Boa Hancock and Vampy below in reality and the virtual world of Jump Force.

Hancock JumpForce Twitter Leak

Boa Hancock Vampy Cosplay

…and yes I’m aware of the other leaks but I wanted to separate the posts. You will be seeing more posts soon.

Jump Force Boa Hancock Leak Screens (1)