Posted on EGM November 16, 2012 AT 02:47pm

Today, your boi, AntDaGamer sat down with develop, Lee Philips of Executive Iguana Studios for a special edition of Goin’ Indie. The game we are looking at today is Oh Noes!! 2: Attack of the Space Burger the sequel of the hit indie title Oh Noes!!.

Lee Philips is also giving out a few copies of the game. All you need to do is give us the pass code that he gives away in the video below and reply with a contact such as an email or Facebook account so we can send you the game. You can do this in this post, in a comment on the Youtube posting of the video, or on Executive Iguana Studios Facebook Page.  Enjoy The Article!

Ohh Noes!! 2 Attack Of The Space Burger

Oh Noes!! 2: Attack Of The Space Burger

  • RELEASE DATE: 11/10/2012
  • DEVELOPER: ExecutiveIguanaStudios
  • GENRE: Shooter


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  • Dolby Digital Overview – This game was classified by the community with the following category scores – Violence=3/3, Sex=0/3, Mature Content=0/3. For too long they have mocked you. For too long have you been the accompaniment of some luke-warm fries and an obligatory soft-drink. Now it is time to make the human race pay for it’s indiscretions against your meaty goodness. Sucks when you get vaporised by the lazer eyes of a psychopathic fast-food product from space… oh wellz….

*The following video was recorded live. Gameplay at times have some slow frames and is not a full representation of the product*

In Oh Noes!! 2, your are a Space Burger representing your burger race and dominance over humanity. The world will now fill your wrath as you destroy everything in your path.

Oh Noes!! 2 is definitely one of the best Indie titles out there on the Xbox Live Marketplace. The design and the gameplay is very satisfying. The game has already got rave reviews from many places such as Destructoid. For 80 MS on Xbox Live Marketplace you can have a blood sucking time destroying humans and bosses such as dolphins, crabs, and even the might chicken from the first game returns.

Blood Thirsty Burgers Going Wild!

I honestly really enjoyed my interview with Lee Philips. The guys is a cool up and coming developer with a great humor and imagination, all which are key factors in a good game developer being successful. The game is also a reflection on those same qualities that you can see in the game. I normally don’ t give scores for Goin’ Indie but for him I am.. 8/10.  I would of gave higher if it had some live capabilities or Co-op. You guys should take some time and least download the trial today! Peace!

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