Today, AntDaGamer.Com turns 1-year-old. That’s right its the 1st Anniversary since I moved my site to WordPress and actually got a domain name. On July 13, 2012, AntDaGamer.Com was born. This past year has been one heck of a ride and a lot has happen for your boi. One reason I chose a WordPress site was to get familiar with WordPress before heading over to EGM to do partnership work. I still can’t believe I’m there. Being there and gaining more than 200 followers in subscribers to my news at EGM has actually increased my traffic here on this blog. I’m now generating revenue from traffic of this site as well as EGM. The goodness doesn’t stop there partnerships now at YouTube and Twitch.tv help me continue to drive people to here and EGM as I speak.

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A Hot & Spicy CAW, Curry Man From Back In My CAW.WS Days. Wanna See More From My Old Post At CAWS.WS Click The Image!

AntDaGamer was just a general gaming guy making CAWS at CAWS.WS until one day I became disabled and had more time on my hand so I joined Twitch.tv. It went from Twitch.tv and a blog.. to EGM and YouTube Partnerships. I’m known among many communities and now publishers. When I started the blog I would read other websites and get my news. Now publishers seen me info..some even willing to guest write articles for me and even asking me to review games. This is a big step cause when I started I was just reviewing games I could buy from time to time or rent from my Gamefly. In the past year great companies like Activision, EA, Capcom, THQ (RIP), 2K, City Interactive Games, Rockstar, Microsoft Studios, and more have actually reached out to me and let me review their games, give me new tips, and more. I hope this will continue in the year to come as I look to focus more on original content, community, more Short And Simple Reviews, and more.

I had some incredible highlights. Notable good times would be..

Goin Indie Hands-On for Serious Sam Double D XXL with Nathan Fouts (and how I so often mispronounced his name. I’m still sorry Nathan)
My interview for Transformers Fall Of Cybertron with Dave Cravens
Getting my first official wrestling review copy from THQ with WWE 13
ADG Q&A With Bioshock Infinite Composer Garry Schyman
Going Indie With Ohh Noes!! 2 And Lee Philips

&… many more. It’s moments like these that keep me going with interest for the future.

I spent a lot of time this year on focusing mainly on EGM to get a good following there. I will be from this point on trying to even out my time spent in all places including my Twitch.tv channel which I have definitely neglected since joining EGM. I have a lot planned but I don’t won’t to spoil it or speak on it if it doesn’t happen.

Here on AntDaGamer.Com. I will be expanding things more Outside Of Gaming like you have seen this past year and make everything here about subjects and products that interest me. I will also take the time to give back to people and publishers that see the potential of my website and help get their news and stories heard as well. The skies the limit for what you might see here and it begins today with a new look (even though I haven’t completed decided on one at the time of this posting so bare with me)  and more.

I want to thank you all..cause being able to do what I love is not only a dream of mine but I the current time it helps me generate revenue with the health issues I have. I can make things happen and enjoy what I do. It’s mainly possible cause of the support of you guys and I hope to do my best for another year and continue to entertain and grow for my fans. Thank You! Here’s To Another Year Of Gaming & Entertainment!