For those that didn’t know…now you know in the words of the Notorious B.I.G., Gig-It has launched and is looking to become Facebooks biggest game ever. They have some big shoes to fill after mocking and Farmville. They also have to deal with the big smash hit Candy Crush.

Check it out today at

It’s time to showcase YOUR inner artist! Play Gig-it provides the ultimate 3D virtual platform that allows you the ability to create a 3D concert to be shared with the social world. Players can interact with their favorite musicians, and create their own custom concert experience via the game. Here’s how it works: players select their favorite performance artist, a stylish wardrobe, and the song of their choice. It doesn’t end there – players can choose the venue, back-up dancers, pyrotechnics, and much more. Post-it, share-it, and invite friends to become spectators of YOUR ultimate concert creation! Can you Gig-it?