Los Angeles, CA –  “Animal Crossing” has never been more dangerous!  Red 5 Studios™ and its entertainment network Stage 5 TV™ have targeted the popular community simulation game “Animal Crossing” for an epic rap video satire, “Animal Crossing Rap – Friends With Animals.”
Watch Stage 5 TV™ drop mad rhymes about picking flowers and selling fruit in “Animal Crossing Rap – Friends With Animals”
Based on the popular Nintendo 3DS game “Animal Crossing,” which players innocently interact with each other in a virtual forest, Stage 5 TV™’s new video features a couple of suburban white dads who are overly obsessed with the game.  The duo spit raps about catching butterflies, hanging with villagers, the virtual clothes and alpacas who wear mittens, until shit gets real when the in-game village merchant Tom Nook starts raising their mortgages and things start getting weird.
The video also showcases the angelic vocal talent of Los Angeles based singer-songwriter Allie Goertz, who serenades viewers with a soft and sweet performance that turns criminally insane very fast when Tom Nook starts raising rents.
Animal Crossing Rap – Friends With Animals” is the latest video from Stage 5 TV™, who’s also released hit viral videos like “Comic-Con Cosplay Party” and “”Game of Thrones” Ultimate Birthday Rap Battle” as well as engaging documentaries like “Rise of the Indies: Star Citizen.”  Fans can visit Stage5.tv each week for new and exclusive videos.
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