A lot of people are trying to get their hands on the PS4 and Xbox One. Interested buyers should check BuyVia ‘s tracker, the first website and mobile app that combines in-store and online shopping across smartphones, tablets and laptops.

For the upcoming launch of both consoles, BuyVia has a new PS4 and Xbox One tracker online and in its iOS/Android App that helps shoppers keep track of when these new consoles (and their related deals) become available. The page/app updates every 5 minutes with inventory status, so you users don’t have to constantly check every store’s website.

PS4 page – http://www.buyvia.com/ps4-sony-playstation-4-preorder-and-stock-tracker/

 Xbox One page –  http://www.buyvia.com/xbox-one-microsoft-preorder-stock-tracker/

This is a fantastic spot because most of the pre-orders are sold out at out the moment. As we get closer to the launch dates for the consoles, keeping track of new deals and sales will be crucial for those looking to buy them.  These new trackers from BuyVia are perfect for getting help with that.

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