2K today released its unprecedented ‘NBA 2K14 Next-Gen: OMG Trailer,’ which showcases an extended look at actual PlayStation 4 gameplay that will power this year’s title. ‘This Moment’ is set to Phil Collins’ classic track ‘In The Air Tonight’, which is part of the NBA 2K14 soundtrack curated by cover athlete LeBron James. The trailer also includes in-game action from NBA superstars including NBA 2K14cover athlete LeBron James, Kevin Durant, James Harden, and Anthony Davis – all rendered digitally in high definition from the upcoming 2K14 next gen engine, and performing dunks, dribbles and signature moves.

Continuing the high bar established by this year’s critically acclaimed NBA 2K14 current gen title, ‘This Moment’ also continues the momentum toward PlayStation 4 and Xbox One’s launch under the banner of today’s dominant NBA 2K franchise.

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