Deep Silver Volition released info and screens on a full mission pack to be released December 11th for the Christmas holiday. “How the Saints Save Christmas” is about Santa being trapped inside the Simulation. The saints must gather enough spirit and help the Scrooge-like Boss of the Third Street Saints find the true meaning of Christmas. This is looking to be a true story driven gaming classic. A first in its time for the entire family.

If you have the Saints Row IV season pass already you can download it for free. If not simply buy it on PlayStation® Store, Xbox Live Marketplace or on Steam!

Full Mission Pack:

  • Quests: 3 new story driven quests.
  • Weapon – Costume: Red Rider BB Gun
  • Weapon – Costume: Christmas Dubstep Gun
  • Weapon – Costume: North Pole
  • Vehicle: Flying Reindeer
  • Vehicle: Santa’s Sleigh

Available in December for Xbox 360®, PlayStation® 3 and PC.