It’s time to enter the latest edition of Saints Row IV into ADG Short And Simple Review. This game, like every game today, was ridiculed by some fans saying it should have been an add-on to Saints Row: The Third. I’m here to tell you “No, No, No” this game is more!

First, I want to speak on the story which is very unique and I quote “out of this world”! Deep Silver Volition  took the franchise beyond the streets, into the white house, and even through the deepest galaxies of space. We are talking huge here fans. When you trying to escape in a spaceship, you will feel what I’m saying.  The alien invasion led by leader Zinyak ends up endslaving humanity in a simulation. Personally, I started thinking of the matrix and how humans was ruled by an AI. The difference is in Saint’s Row aliens are controlling the thoughts of humans. As you can see this along makes an incredible world for Deep Silver Volition to give you for gameplay.

The features of this game run deep from the crazy soundtrack, crazy guns of alien descent, life as the president, and loads of side missions you can do alone or with a friend online.

There isn’t much really left to say. To make it Short And Simple…

“PLAY IT!” 8.6

Saints Row IV Is The MuthaF***in King!