Ok, I have to confess on another secret love of mine. Yes! You guessed it! ADG loves the show Mob Wives. This will probably have some of you looking at me a little strange but I don’t care! I don’t know what it is..maybe cause of there are actually real life women with marital connection to the mobs. My actions of gaming to be close to the mob life can take a break on Thursday nights and I can get a reality dose with the Mob Wives 4th season. I know reality tv at times these days definitely seems staged but its something about these women that makes it more believable that when somebody says they are going to stab you in the throat that they actually might do it. Anyways here’s a look at the show below and check it out on VH1 tonight at 10/9C.

…and yes I’ll be catching some NFL in between and getting my manhood on!