Many tweens and teens will be asking for a smartphone as the #1 item on their holiday wish-list.  Parents want to give their kids the independence of having a mobile phone without the worry of overuse, late-night texting, expensive monthly bills, or other safety issues associated with smartphones.  Zact Mobile, a no-contract nationwide mobile service (now available with pre-loaded Disney apps), offers a smart and affordable option for families with the ability to customize a child’s plan and set up parental controls. This is definitely the best route to go for your child receiving a smart phone this holiday.

Recently awarded the National Parenting Center seal of approval, Zact Mobile gives parents true peace of mind.  Here are a few reasons why Zact is the safest and most innovative smartphone service available today:

  • ·         Built-in Parental Controls. Zact Mobile functions like an allowance where parents can easily decide how much talk, text or data is given to their child depending on their age. Parents can set restrictions on who children can contact or be contacted by, the amount of time spent texting, plus time spent browsing the internet, and ability to control which apps can be used.
  • ·         Zact Control. The new Zact Control app allows parents to keep their existing phone, download an app, and have remote control of a child’s Zact smartphone.
  • ·         Significant Savings. Plans on Zact start as low as $3.49 per month. With Zact Mobile, parents can tailor the data plan month to month, without a contract. A money back credit applies automatically to the next month’s service if you’ve bought too much service.
  • ·         Even More Holiday Savings! Zact Mobile is available on In addition Zact is also available at Best Buy Mobile, in all store locations listed on The best part: when purchased in a Best Buy Mobile Store, Zact will give customers the first four months of service free (a value of $100)!

Parents who are faced making  a decision in regards to getting their child a phone for the holidays, ADG really recommends Zact Mobile.

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