SEGA Networks, Inc. officially announced Sonic Jump Fever today, a brand new title coming this summer to iPhone, iPad, iPod touch and Android devices as a free download. Based on the critically acclaimed Sonic Jump released on feature phones in 2005 and adapted for smartphones in 2012, Sonic Jump Fever takes the game to new heights. This time, it’s all about setting high scores and competing with friends.

In Sonic Jump Fever, players compete for high scores in fast vertical-jumping challenges. Playing as Sonic, Knuckles, and a host of classic characters, friends blast each others’ scores by quickly deploying boosters, upgrades, and unique character abilities to pull off huge combos. Earn points quickly and unleash Fever Mode which puts players into hyper-speed for Earth-shattering scores.

At the beginning of every round, scores are displayed on a leaderboard so friends can immediately see who is doing the best and climbing the ranks. But don’t get too comfortable at the top: twice a week the leaderboards are reset and competition moves to the next Sonic zone. The race for the top is never-ending!

Developed by Hardlight Studios, SEGA Networks’ internal mobile studio, Sonic Jump Fever brings players together in the fastest Sonic competition ever. Get ready. JUMP!

Sonic Jump Fever 01 - iPadSonic Jump Fever 02 - iPhone5Sonic Jump Fever 03 - iPad

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