It’s time!! A few review rounds with EA Sports UFC! This game will be weighing in on the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Also, it’s the first UFC of new-gen and the first for EA Sports with this entry. How does it weigh in?

For The First Time Ever In A UFC Game The Women Join The Virtual Fight

Well literally the gameplay is always the core of  UFC games. Making it a game for hardcore and casual fans can be a pain. UFC does a pretty good job with making clinch , submission and other areas of UFC not so difficult. I’m not saying it’s easy but in due time you will be able to tango with the best of them. The most difficult area , in my opinion, is submission. It’s simple controls but figuring out why you got submitted when you was clearly doing the right controls is aggravating. Maybe it’s the stats of the fighters. I’m not sure but that’s my story and I’m sticking to it. Sometimes the same thing happens in the clinch. So make sure you know your fighter and your play style when stepping into the Octagon.

Career mode is marvelous as well. You start off as a tryout for UFC’s prestigious show The Ultimate Fighter. You then advance to become the Ultimate Fighter and begin your career championship path in the division of your choice. You can even apply EA’s gameface to your character to add a signature touch to your fighter. The presentation in career mode is filled with video montages and messages from the UFC staff and fighters including Dana White.

The feature set is my issue with UFC. They do a wonderful job with a lot of things in EA UFC such as the detailed blood , fighter mannerism, body skin that bruises and move when you hit it and fighters even wipe the blood on their face and hold their damaged body parts. My issue is with the lack of features compared to the last UFC game. Fans of THQ’s last adventure will miss the ability to use a normal UFC Fighter , play a tournament mode offline (there is online tournaments though) , actually relive some of the greatest fights of recent years and past or create your own event.

Regardless… Short And Simple.. EA Sports UFC  is…

A Great Foundation For A New Generation Of UFC Games

8.5/10 PLAY IT!!

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