Awesomenauts Assemble on PS4 recently got some of the same incredible content as seen in the Starstorm Expansion on PC. In the upcoming days, ADG will be reviewing this content courtesy of his friends at Ronimo Games.

Our first review and impressions will be of Susi announcer and Digital G (Froggy G) skin of the new content for PS4.



Digital G is the latest Froggy G Skin. This new add-on skin is looking to give Froggy G a futuristic look. It does look futuristic but the problem is he looks like a scuba diver. He has a digital , futuristic look that works but still isn’t the best Froggy G skin , in my opinion.


Susi announcer is incredible. Providing a very refreshing take on the action with her commentary as can be seen in the video review. If you take the step to add this announcer with other add-on characters and more you will get a very good refreshing new experience.

I recommend both add-ons. I only suggest that fans looking to get a new Froggy G skin for the first time check out the other offering before purchasing this one and make a decision. I also highly recommend the Susi announcer add-on.

ADG Recommended!