ADG recently with On Call with Roger Craig Smith. In case you been living in an alternate video game and entertainment world, Roger Craig Smith is a seasoned pro in the world of voice acting. He has provided his skills in the world of many video games including the Sonic series as Sonic The Hedgehog, Assassin’s Creed as Enzio, Resident Evil as Chris Redfield, Batman Arkham Origins as Batman and more. You may also know him recently from being Captain America/Steve Rogers in Disney X D ‘s new show “Avengers Assemble, Thomas the Intern on Cartoon Network’s Regular Show, Disney hit animated hit film PLANES as Ripslinger. unnamed During this interview, I realized how passionate, Roger Craig Smith is about entertainment and his craft. It was indeed one of the most riveting and entertaining interviews of my career so far. As I told him in the interview, he was the perfect guy so far in the history of ADG on Call as he has been such a major part of games I’ve covered and are currently covering on my web pages and YouTube. (Disney Infinity 2.0, Sonic Boom, Batman Arkham Origins and other Batman products, etc) Travel with us on this interview as we discuss the games, the movies and even the controversy surrounding him as the voice of Batman in Batman Arkham Origins. I would also personally want to thank Roger Craig Smith for this personal time and commitment to entertainment and the IPs we love and enjoy so much.  It was a pleasure. roger_craig_smith__1_