The World of Etria is an Unforgiving One, Luckily the Highlander, Simon, and Frederica Will Join Your Journey
You would be mad to face the dangers of Etria alone, so learn some more about your allies so they can keep you happy, healthy, and, most importantly, alive during your quest. That’s what friends are for, right?

Frederica – Gunner

Found in an unknown ruin, asleep in a stasis capsule, Frederica doesn’t remember anything about her past or why she was asleep. Every so often, though, seeing something within the Gladsheim facility will trigger a memory, so she’s eager to return to its halls as quickly as she can.

Unlike the rest of the party, Frederica benefits from training in ancient technology, namely firearms. Her ranged fire can lock down an enemy from the back lines with pinpoint shots, crippling its arms, legs, or head. In addition to that, she can also make for a useful backup healer in a pinch.

Her firearms may be ancient, but they sure are effective. Check it out below:

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The Highlander

The uninformed might consider them mercenaries, since they are warriors available for hire, but a Highlander is more than that. Highlanders hew to a particular code, and won’t blindly follow the orders of their paymasters if the situation calls for another approach. The particular Highlander in question was sent to Etria to look into a series of mysterious earthquakes, and it was in that investigation where he met Frederica.

The Highlander code emphasizes selflessness, and many of the Highlander’s spears skills reflect that virtue. They generally force him to sacrifice his own health to achieve their effects, though he can also recover some with every kill he scores in an efficient cycle of give-and-take.

They say a Highlander with a spear is unmatched in combat. Take a look below:

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Simon Yorke – Medic

The brains of the operation among the Midgard Library investigation team, Simon is as skilled with a blade as he is with a bandage. His passion for research means he’s rarely at a disadvantage, whether he’s dealing with enemies he’s read about somewhere or negotiating passage with foreign governments.

His natural expertise lies in his medical training, allowing him to get a party member back on their feet after a serious or even mortal wound. Should anyone suffer a status ailment or bind, he can alleviate that as well. Beyond that, the Grimoire Stone he carries gives him a few swordsman’s tricks, making him a capable combat medic.

Watch Simon put his expert medical training in action below:

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