With the new age of gaming nothing has been more important than putting PC like experiences onto home gaming consoles. Blizzard look’s to do just that with Diablo III: Ultimate Evil Edition on all home consoles but most notable it’s debut to PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

The following review was done on the PS4*



You are in the world of Sanctuary, a world of dark fantasy. Sanctuary was once saved but now is threatened again by demonic forces of the underworld.  You must stand up for Sanctuary and get rid of these demonic hordes again.



I am truly satisfied with the gameplay of this game. It is very easy to pick up and play. Even if you don’t know all the advanced tactics of Diablo vets. You will be able to pick up the game and start messing around with your inventory and playing with skills to build a character to your play style. I even taught my 7 year old daughter the basics so she can sit and play with me and my son. In her word’s “This is fun!” as she fought alongside me and my son with the magical enchanting wizard class. You can’t beat gameplay like this and the combat feels very satisfying. I can understand why the game has been such a hit for PC gamers.




I ran mostly multiplayer locally and it was very nice. I ran one or two games online with randoms and I went pretty flawless and very smooth even with multiple enemies on the screen. Remember this was before release. If anything changes I will update.


  • It’s just simply fun!
  • You get all 5 Acts of Diablo III and the Reaper Of Souls
  • Great Replayability
  • More patches and content incoming
  • Very intriguing story
  • Best Co-op available for current gen consoles


Short And Simple…..



If You Don’t Like This Game, You’re Not A Gamer

10/10 PLAY IT!!

I’ve never gave a score 10/10. I shadowed it in the dark for the symbolism for it being my first 10 score and the games dark approach. I just couldn’t think of any reason not to give any category a 10.

Learn more about this game at the Diablo 3 Official Website.