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World of Tanks Blitz Celebrates Its Second Birthday


I want to congratulate World Of Tanks Blitz and Wargaming on it’s two year anniversary. Wargaming is a big supporter of mines.  Wargaming is aware that it’s small time supporters are very important and that not just IGN, Kotaku, IGN, etc. are important to their success in today’s gaming world. Once again, I salute you. Here’s to many more years.

You can read the release from Wargaming below.


Get the candles and cake ready because World of Tanks Blitz is soon to turn two years old, and it’s still only the beginning of our journey. In just two years, World of Tanks Blitz has mobilized on four platforms, including iOS, Android, Windows 10, and Mac, becoming one of the first truly cross-platform and multi-platform free-to-play titles.

Over 55 million players have joined us so far. Since launch, you’ve had more than 590 million battles; turned 5.6 billion tanks to scrap; and collectively spent over 4390 years in-game—that’s a lot of dedicated players out there!

“Today, we’d like to take this opportunity to thank each and every one of you for the time you’ve shared with us,” said Artem Safronov, World of Tanks Blitz Global Publishing Producer. “We hope you have enjoyed playing the game as much as we have enjoyed making it. It’s thanks to your passion and constant feedback that we have made World of Tanks Blitz the game it is today.”

During the celebration, there will be a series of special birthday missions for all of you. Every player will get x5 XP for their first victory, as well as a present of in-game Gold currency and Premium Account time for their first battle played.

All of us at World of Tanks Blitz hope you’ll stay with us for many more birthdays and celebrations to come. Now, let’s hit the battlefield!

To learn more about the upcoming special missions, visit the official website:


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