Today Crazy Labs announced its newest game Airheads Jump is now available as a free download for Android devices on Google Play. Developed by Tactile Entertainment, the Danish mobile development team behind the mega hitsSkyline Skaters and Chasing YelloAirheads is a fresh take on the endless jumper genre with a rumble through the jungle of more than 100 levels. In the week following its release on the Apple App Store, Airheads was featured in over 140 countries and has been downloaded over one million times.

To download Airheads, visit:

In Airheads, the bouncing crew of beach ball characters have crashed their plane in the rainforest and been captured by angry Tikis. To free the Airheads, players must tilt and tap their screen, hopping along trees and rock faces while collecting butterflies and treasure necessary to complete each challenge. A parrot friend guides Airheads ranging from wizards to vampires and pirates through each increasingly challenging level, introducing new scenery and prizes along the way. Use spongy mushrooms and palm fronds to propel yourself to the top of the jungle, tilting your screen in time to the airy tropical tunes.

Airheads Jump features:

  • Over 100 levels to climb through the jungle
  • Power ups and boosts for jumps with serious height
  • Numerous Airhead characters to choose between
  • Smooth game mechanics controlled by tilting your screen

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