Disney Infinity 2.0 is bringing us the Marvel Heroes we know and love. In this review, ADG critiques the Avengers Play Set in Disney Infinity 2.0: Marvel Heroes series.

Every wanted to control the Avengers and take down Loki. You can can do it in this Play Set. Heck in fact you get to take down the evil mastermind MODOK as well who has teamed up with Loki to freeze and take over the city. Nick Fury , The Wasp and Captain Marvel (also known as Mrs. Marvel) aid the avengers with the plan of attack against Loki and MODOK’s attempt to freeze the city.

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With the Starter Pack you get the game , the play set piece and 3 great figures to take down Loki. The starting figures are Thor, Black Widow and Iron Man. You can also purchase The Hulk and Hawkeye to use in this set. Loki and Falcon are scheduled to released in the future with a second wave a characters for this set. You can also use crossover characters in Disney 2.0. For this play set you can call upon the help of Nova and Rocket Raccoon if they are in your collection.

The gameplay of this play set is pretty much open world. Most of the missions are protecting citizens, destroying or protecting machinery essential to stopping Loki and MODOK’s plans. You will unlock versus gameplay modes and other mini missions along the way adding replay value to this play set and reason’s to explore later. Just like past play sets playing will grant you toys to use in Toy Box 2.0.

Presentation is killer in Disney Infinity 2.0. You will notice more refined experience that tells a tighter cinematic story than seen in Disney Infinity 1.0. The characters are more life-like and the animations are very smooth. Tons of crazy voiceovers and character skits depending on who you are using in the game, especially in coop gameplay.

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*Primary Version Played Was PlayStation 4*