Skylanders has become one heck of a series. Not only for their crazy set of collectibles but for their innovation and story telling. The series has memorable characters catching gamers from many ages. Me and my son took the adventure to the Nintendo 3DS to tell you how it holds up with Skylanders: Trap Team.

The best way to give you to tell you about the story “Short And Simple” is that Hugo, Eon’s sidekick is the lead of the adventure. who reads “The Most Boring Book” ever and opens up a portal to the Realm Of Dreams that begins a crazy set of adventures. When this happens a bunch of nightmarish creatures escape into Skylands. You must stop these creatures led by The Dream Sheep who is putting Skylands to sleep. Throughout the gameplay you trap these minions with the help of the Trap Masters and all Skylanders who are immune to the sleep spell. The story is very amazing and unique adding even more insight and lore to the Trap Masters especially Hugo and Eon.

Skylanders Trap Team_3DS_Gusto

There several unique reasons that make the Nintendo 3DS/2Ds version a very unique experience. You have unique villains to face and capture for number one. The game also offers a boot camp mode for villains you capture. Also, there are various touch screen and voice options to laugh with, play with and even tickle your villains.

So what’s bad about Skylanders: Trap Team, not much honestly. Sure, there are a few realms and spaces you can’t open cause you need certain Skylanders to open but that’s expected for this series.

Short And Simple..

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Another Unique Skylanders Adventure Only For 3DS/2DS!


ADG is becoming more Short And Simple than ever before! For more details on Skylanders: Trap Team see the official site: Skylanders.Com
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