ADG is stopping for a scare of a lifetime with The Evil Within. This new game available on all major platforms past-gen, new-gen and PC. For this review, your boi, AntDaGamer has taken a ride of horror on the PlayStation 4. If you’re interested in some of the footage from my gameplays ,they are available on AntDaGamer.Com’s YouTube .



The story is about detective Sebastian Castellanos who is doing his thing investigating a brutal murder. When things go all crazy. Join by his partners Joseph Oda and Julie “Kid” Kidman at an Old Mental Asylum in the city, he notices the city going mysterious and empty. Dead bodies of patients, policies officers and more fill the streets. Not for long cause they seem are becoming undead zombies. You embark on an adventure to most of all survive and hopefully find a way to get back to the life you once knew.




The Evil Within will not hold your hand through the terror or through gameplay. The game will give you the tools through your adventure to survive but rarely tells you how to use most items. This will leave you as the gamer the need to think with your head. Adventuring will pay off as you can find more items for your supply and to upgrade.



There is a small issue I have with the game’s control scheme of cycling and using weapons. The problem is sometimes you use an item you didn’t want to. Just look at the gameplays out their mines and beyond and you will see most gamers doing this. If this game returns hope for a better way to quick equip items.


There are many things I like about this game but I will note a few of my favorites. One of the things I like about this game is the way they innovated a mysterious mental hospital into a way to save, upgrade, store and unlock tools and features. Most of all, The Evil Within is flat-out scary, bloody and is definitely the best third person horror survival game done so far.  That’s a big statement I know and on that note…

Short And Simple…

The Evil Within ADG Short And Simple Review Score

Scary Good!


*Primary version played for this review was PlayStation 4.

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