With the launch of FINAL FANTASY TYPE-0 TM HD just a few months away , SQUARE ENIX® today released two trailers that highlight each of the students from Class Zero.

The first trailer gives the perspective from Orience News – reporting from the frontline, Orience News is the only trustworthy provider of information across all of the four states and has unprecedented access to the resistance, namely Class Zero and its allies. In “Orience News Special Report,” players find out more about the personalities within Class Zero and their fight against the invading Militesi army.

In response to “Orience News Special Report,” High Commander Marshal Cid Aulstyne has quickly responded with a new propaganda film, “Traitors of Orience,” discrediting the cadets of Class Zero. The film attempts to show the students’ arrogance and petty in-fighting within the group, pushing the ideals of the Empire once more.