It’s time for the usual countdowns of 2014 as we gear up for 2015. Right now, we take a look at the most viewed videos of my YouTube Channels. I want to thank the viewers and the supporters of AntDaGamer.Com that help provide us with assets to help make videos like this for our web spots.

This year, we still remained true to our roots of wrestling and even branched out to a wrestling games only channel. We showed on our main channel that we are a community of diverse gamers when games like Diablo III and Awesomenauts skyrocketed to the top views of our community.

Thanks for being open and thanks for watching. If you interested in the full playlist you can view them here:

Now for the top 5 Most Viewed Videos Of 2015…

#5 Gameplay Coming To IGN First

#4 Rollins vs Ambrose WWE 2K15 Updated Attires

#3 How To Unlock Everything In WWE 2K15 | PS4 / Xbox One

#2 For The First Time – Awesomenauts Assemble PS4

#1 DIABLO III: Reaper Of Souls – Ultimate Evil Edition | PS4 | For The 1st Time | #1 | ADG Plays