Call of Duty AW DLC 2

You can call it hype but it might be truth. The upcoming Call Of Duty: Advanced Warfare DLC to the best Call Of Duty in recent years is coming and I believe it will deliver. As someone who’s spending his days on PlayStation 4 playing around with the AE4 and the AE4 Widowmaker, I am very pleased with its usual outcome.



To make things more exciting there is a new trailer that finally lets you meet the KillCameraman, Randall Higgins. I always wanted to meet that guy. This trailer is another great addition to live action trailers done for the Call Of Duty series. See it yourself below.

One of the biggest modes in Call Of Duty history is Zombies. Zombies return with Call Of Duty: Advanced Warfare and this time with exo suits which is why the new mode is entitled “Exo Zombies” Looking at the footage I believe this will add more of a scare to the zombie. In final, the zombies being more agile and more dangerous will increase the players fear and make the game inevitably more addictive. After all isn’t this what Zombie Mode gamers want.



As you read this and think to yourself. This ADG, AntDaGamer guy or whoever is such a fanboy sucking up to Activision and Sledgehammer in an amazing hype post. Just realize, I was not advised to do so and this posting was totally my idea (even though you might not believe it). I’m just personally sharing my opinions as the great day approaches next week on Xbox Live (PSN & PC soon after) when players will see for themselves. Shortly after that, I will give my final grade. With no hype but true hands on impressions. Till then my friends, check out these other sweet trailers for the upcoming Havoc DLC of Call Of Duty: Advanced Warfare. I’m out!