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ADG Short And Simple Review: Citizens Of Earth


Atlus and Eden Industries are bring us a new RPG adventure that will put you as the Vice President in a coffee and donut filled adventure of a lifetime.

The story begins when you wake after a long election hoping for a rest. You are then greeted with a “unadoring” public and loads of problems. The story is very comedic as you gain a following and research a large amount of strange events across the world that include the great coffee-making Moonbucks across Moonbucks. I have to admit I didn’t think I would be drawn into the story or the characters as much as I was. The story does more than enough to make you want to play more.

CoE_Screenshots (9)

The gameplay works as you can expect from most RPG. It’s very simple and the beginning of the game supplies a tutorial. You can also go back to your mom to learn more advance tactics in gameplay. Anyone who’s played any turn based RPG will be able to pick this game and play. Actually, even if this is your first you will be able to pick this up and play. My only issue is that sometimes normal battles can be just too long but that can also be a good thing for some gamers.

Short And Simple…


A Surprising RP-Gem


This review was done playing the Nintendo Wii U and PlayStation 4 versions. To learn more about Citizens Of Earth visit the official website at

For a Playthrough of Citizens of Earth with ADG Plays visit here:

VP_Newspaper(Reveal) CoE_Screenshots (3)


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