2K and Turtle Rock Studios learned a lot from Evolve’s Open Beta, and today they shared those lessons learned in a post on the official Evolve blog.

One question has lingered over the development of Evolve for four years: Can a completely asymmetrical 4v1 multiplayer game truly be balanced? Turtle Rock co-founder, and Evolve’s design director Chris Ashton says it’s been no small feat, but the more than 2-million matches logged during the Open Beta gave the studio the data they needed to answer the question they’ve been asked so many times over the years – yes, Evolve can be, and is now truly balanced. But their work doesn’t stop here, the studio will continue to monitor the game’s telemetry after launch to maintain that balance long after February 10.

For an explanation of all the major lessons learned from Evolve’s beta, including a breakdown of the gameplay tweaks being made before launch, see the blog post here: http://www.evolvegame.com/news/the-evolve-open-beta-infographic