Green Goblin is dashing his way into your Disney Infinity 2.0 Toy Boxes with the release of his figurine which is available right now.

CAN BE PLAYED IN: Disney Infinity 2.0 ‘s Marvel’s Spider-Man Play Set & Toy Box 2.0
Strike fear with pumpkin bombs and electric shocking gloves for high-voltage action.
 Green Goblin plays much like Wreck It Ralph minus a attack that allows him to dash in. My problem with these toss attack characters in Disney Infinity is that when you first start out with them at level one they can be a pain.  When characters are close to you and you are weak and surrounded at beginning levels your character will break. Even though in Toy Boxes their is no repercussions to breaking it still is a nuisance in playset gameplay or versus games.


Green Goblin main powers are Backhanded Insult, Pumpkin Bomb, Unblockable , Bola Bomb and Shock Treatment. Goblin seems very weak at first but becomes very potent once you unlock his combo moves and gain more power to his Pumpkin Bomb. The only thing that is missing is Goblin’s glider which I’ve been informed should become available after you defeat Green Goblin in the Spider-Man Play Set. Some have had issues which will be fixed in a future update.



Green Goblin is voiced very well to what you would expect from Disney Infinity characters. I don’t wanna spoil it all but just say it’s very evil.

Short And Simple..

Goblin Is The Bomb Like His Pumpkins!


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