Risk is a game by Ubisoft and Hasbro Games looking to make heads turn and create some fun for gamers. Risk was originally a board game by Hasbro that has taken a leap into digital form.

You must win a war against other factions/players in a battle of domination or capital supremacy. You deploy and draft troops in various parts of the world and choose the right time to attack your enemies. You will also gain cards after capturing territories. You can use these to gain troops or stars to better your chance in battle. You can play the game locally or online on XBox Live with up to 3 Players. Be ready to sit down for a while to play cause these games will take some time. Me and my son had one battle for 3 hours. Although the game auto saves one game at a time, this is definitely not an option online.



One other note before we wrap this up, The AI is very fierce. It will take some time to win against it. This still remains true though IRIS , Integrated Reconnaissance Intelligence System, will give you tactical help that’s partially good. Risk will take some time to master even though the concept is easy to understand.

Short And Simple..

Review_Template_Score_Risk*I did not grade the online portion of this game due to not being able to get into a match.


Global Domination Is So Much Fun!

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