ADG has recently made the much-needed trip to XBox One. I will be showcasing games that are exclusive to Xbox One in the weeks and months to come. Killer Instinct is one of those games.

Killer Instinct is Free To Play giving you one character in Jago and a chance to buy characters individually or in bundles consisting of two seasons. The character I will be reviewing today is Omen. Omen is a loyal servant of the warlord Gargos from past games. Omen was the dark spirit that possessed Jago turning him into Shadow Jago.

Omen game-play consists a lot on his shadow meter. Unlike most characters in Killer Instinct that have two bars Omen has three. Omen has the ability to stop one portion of his enemies Shadow Meter for five seconds. Outside of this, Omen strikes and combos seem rather slower than most. Even though I’m a noob, I tested this with a few CPU vs CPU matches in which Omen had a hard time gaining a victory. Despite Omen having great tactics such as being able to exchange his shadow meter energy to move distances toward and away from his opponent, he doesn’t seem as potent in battle as the rest. Omen game-play wise seem to be more for the pros and definitely not for beginners.

Short And Simple…