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ADG Short And Simple Review: Trivial Pursuit LIVE!



Looking for a TV Show experience to compare your knowledge against friends? Trivial Pursuit LIVE! is looking to give you just that. This game is bringing round type trivial experience to your consoles. Trivial Pursuit LIVE! is about to get ADG Short And Simple Review’ed.



I will begin by discussing the gameplay. Trivial Pursuit LIVE! offers plenty of interesting questions for all ages in the categories you come to expect from Trivial Pursuit. These categories are Arts & Literature, History, Science & Nature,  Entertainment, Sports and Leisure, and Geography. The gameplay is definitely addictive but the AI on medium or higher is very hard to win against. Good thing the game is fun to make you keep coming back for more.


TrivialPursuit_Classical question_English_DEF_1407276669


The presentation is very good. I’ve seen some complain about it not being any voiceovers for the questions, but I can understand why.  With the huge amount of questions in the game, it would be just impossible to do so. They are plenty of voiceovers explaining each round as well as giving insight on the players stats in play. Music is also on point and catchy.




Outside of my issue with the AI, there are another few things I don’t understand. The selection of playable characters is vague. I’m not sure why they didn’t make a small player creation or customization from the characters available. You can unlock other costumes but they are now issues with the Hasbro Game Night and Uplay unlocks from the apps. I really couldn’t figure out how to play two players on separate controllers, even though, the option is there. It just was not selectable even with two controllers on.


This game offers multiplayer online and offline with up to 4 players. I couldn’t test the online much, but I did manage to play two games without lag or delay on Xbox Live via Xbox One.




Short And Simple……..




A Pursuit The Will Lead To Fun And Knowledge


Trivial Pursuit LIVE! is a very fun game and a must have for your Hasbro Game Nights. The game has plenty of obtainable and fun trophies to collect along with its trivial entertainment.

This review was done by playing the Xbox One version. This is an ADG Short And Simple Review. To learn more about Trivial Pursuit LIVE! visit

TrivialPursuit_Media question_English_DEF_1407276673




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