Actor and comedian Eddie Izzard sits down with Larry King on the Emmy-nominated series “Larry King Now” to talk about his new PlayStation Network series. The outspoken Brit also gives his take on everything from terrorism in the name of Islam to Bill Cosby to Prime Minister David Cameron.


Actor Eddie Izzard gave Larry the scoop on his new show ‘Powers,’ which he said is “breaking new grounds” on the Sony PlayStation Network. “The premise of powers is interesting. It’s our world with powers shoved in to it. But it’s a detective story, so it’s really about two detectives in the powers division who only deal with crimes done by these powers people.” Eddie also dished on his character Wolf, “Wolf is a character who has four of these powers: super strength, super speed, I can absorb powers off other people, I eat them, I devour them in fact like an animal, and I also heal at ridiculous speeds.”



The celebrated British comedian explained to Larry why he is eager to get into politics. “I’m kind of ambitious, I’m positive on people. I want me to do well, I want everyone to do well. I hate the right wing. I hate religious extremists and political extremists. And I think the vast majority of the world are with us.” Plus, Eddie gave his opinion on Prime Minister David Cameron, “Well, he’s center right so I’m okay with that, but he’s not my party.”


‘Powers’ star Eddie Izzard also showed his serious side, as he gave Larry his thoughts on the January terror attacks in Paris. “I think the essence of it is that the Prophet Muhammad said, ‘don’t draw pictures of me,’ because he didn’t want to be taken as a God figure. But, I don’t think he ever said, ‘if anyone does draw a picture of me, you must murder them.’ And murder is illegal in Islam. So, it is not Islam what they’re doing.”