Reliance Games, a leading international developer and publisher of mobile games, has officially released Real Steel: World Robot Boxing (WRB) on iOS and Android today, making the robot-brawler franchise free-to-play! WRB comes from the studio which developed Real Steel, the App Store smash hit with over 10M players worldwide. Real Steel: WRB offers outrageous finishing attacks, piston-punching action and high definition visuals of nuts and bolts flying all over the ring, as well as the rush of boxing with your friends/frenemies in real-time multiplayer.

Download Real Steel: World Robot Boxing for free today on iOS, Android, or Amazon:

See the chrome carnage in action:

WRB is going to set a milestone in the robot boxing brawler genre and I am very confident that gamers will feel the adrenaline rush in every moment of their gameplay experience,” stated Manish Agarwal, CEO of Reliance Entertainment Digital. “We at Reliance Games are thankful to the millions of fans who have played Real Steel and helped us improve the robot boxing genre over time. We hope WRB will be a fitting tribute to their love for Real Steel.”

“The mobile game series have become a key extension of the Real Steel franchise,” said Jeff Small, President and COO of DreamWorks Studios. “With Real Steel: World Robot Boxing, Reliance Games have delivered another exciting game to entertain game and movie enthusiasts.”

The gritty action of WRB takes place in a frenzied arena where boxing has gone high-tech. Players will fight, collect, and customize an awesome roster of titans towering over nine feet tall and weighing over one ton. Players slug it out to prove who has the real steel needed to become the Ultimate World Robot Boxing Champion!

Key features for WRB include:

  • Twenty mean machine superstars from the original Real Steel game like Zeus, Atom, and Twin Cities are joined by new brawlers like Touchdown, HollowJack, Blockbuster, Biowar and more.
  • Ten arenas can barely contain these hulking mechanical brutes.
  • Four diverse modes: Championship, Time Attack, Daily Exhibition and Free Sparring to test your mettle AND your metal.
  • Bigger, better, and now social! Take on friends in local Wi-Fi multiplayer and fight your way up the leaderboards.
  • Customize bots with decals, load up with upgrades and get a fighting edge with power-ups!
  • New special moves and cinematics come to life in full motion video action.
  • Duke it out with friends or challenge new contenders worldwide to see who is a true champion!
  • Real-time action that tests both strategy and reflexes… do you have what it takes?

Are you ready to brawl? Find out and download Real Steel: World Robot Boxing today for free: